Monday, April 17, 2006

Web Site Marketing Success Online

A successful web site commands 5 key items that it must have in order to be generating high volumes of traffic and potential revenue.

1. Having a specific offer-Your website must have a defined specific offer. The best web sites do this very well. For example, Google is a search engine and has specific key links on its front page. These are the categories it is focusing, or pulling it's clients on. A good site will use a very well planned layout that is not too busy and will have some but not lots of graphics. The graphics will lend to the image of the site.

2. Having a select target group of people- Your website must be of interest to a targeted group of people, they must have similar needs or interests, and that is why they are visiting your site. You may have multiple offers on your site, but your site must address 1-3 key common needs that people with similar interests have. A good example of this is the site. They have a key concept and different groups evolved around different themes that share common interests.

3. Providing rich and professional content- This is a very important concept that several web companies have learned over the past few years. Yes, you have content but is it relevant. Is it relevant to what your clients are looking for at this moment in time. But how do you know this? It takes several beta-testings, research, advertising testing and you can spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars doing research to figure this out. There are several companies that can help you with this and there are tricks of the trade. Some people provide internet guru services specifically in this area. There are numerous people doing this, but you will have to research and ask around to find out what programs are the best out there. This also changes as the accepted standards change quickly with constant innovation.

4. Delivering value and results for visitors- Why would someone want to go to yet another travel site? You have to have a strong offer that no one else has, or it has to be a great insight or value that someone has not come across before. There are numerous travel sites, but which ones are the most successful and why. The ones that are most successful are very specific in what they do and they are automated. Automated you say?..How so? Well they have back end systems that offer quick responses and are connected to live persons and 1- 800#'s if need be. These sites are usually more successful than others.

5. Connecting with potential clients and offering future value with your site- What you can do to connect with future potential clients is a caveat that few sites have. You have to offer a gem that no one else has and make it appeal to a select group of people. Easier said than done! This gem also has to be of value in that it is something that generates immediate interest with the potential prospect. Otherwise they will just click along somewhere else.

These 5 things are very important to the success of your site.

There are numerous ways you can market your site and promote it through paid advertising, links etc. However, these 5 things will get people to want to come back to your site. Cheers!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

How To Make Quick Cash With Resell Rights

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to make some quick cash with resell right products. Resell Right products allow you to resell them and pocket 100% of the commissions. These are a big craze on the internet and you probably have some hiding somewhere on your hard drive.

The first thing to consider is what type of resell license you have. Usually this license will come with the product itself or in a “read me” file. I like to keep my products organized. I keep them organized in folders. I’ll keep a main folder just called resell rights. Then I’ll have in that folder another folder for “stand alone” products. I’ll create another one for products that can be “bundled” or “used as bonuses.” Then I’ll create one more folder for products that can be “given away free.”

** How To Sell When You Have Competition **

Resell Right Products are a great way to make money but you have to worry about your competition. One way to do this is to buy rights to a less competitive product. Someone might offer resale licenses to his product for only 100 people. By buying a license to a product like this, you know that you’ll have far less competition. The disadvantage of this is that you’ll often end up spending several hundred dollars.

For those that don’t have the money to invest in limited resell right licenses, there’s still hope. You just have to make your offer stand out from the crowd. The easiest way is to pile on the bonuses.

Remember earlier I had you create a folder called “bonuses.” These are products that can be offered as bonuses or bundled with other products. Adding bonus products is the easiest and most lucrative way to get someone to buy the same product that is being marketed strongly by other resellers.

Besides bonuses you also can make your sales page seem different. One thing you can do is change your headline. Another thing you can do is change the graphics. People notice right away if they’ve seen the offer before by the graphics and the headline. If you’re a good copywriter you can even change the entire sales letter. Make the site look completely new.

** Limited Time Offers **

In the resell right license, they’ll usually tell you if a product is a stand alone product. This means that it can’t be sold as a package or a collection of products. I usually like to sell these as they usually have more value and since they can’t be bundled, they’re not as widespread.

I think the best way to sell a product is by offering a limited time offer to your list. Find a great product and then find products that can be used as bonuses. Offer these extra products for a limited time. Be sure that you take your page down when you said that you would or you’ll loose credibility.

** One Time Offers **

This is a great way to make some extra cash. Find as many products as you can that can be bundled together in a package. Offer them all for an incredible price to the people who just joined your mailing list. Make this a one time offer in that they’ll only see the offer once.

You’ll be surprised how many people will take you up on these one time offers and it’s a great way to build some cash.

** eCourses **

eCourses are a great way to sell resell rights. The better products will come with an ecourse already. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. It’s as easy as slapping some related articles into an autoresponder.

What you can do is promote the ecourse first and once the person subscribes forward them to the sales page for the resell right product. It takes the average person atleast 7xs to see an offer before they buy. Creating an ecourse is an excellent way to people to buy as you can keep reminding them about your product.

** A Word About Freebies **

I would stay away from products that say they can be sold or offered for free. You’re going to have an upset customer if someone pays money for a product and then finds out that others are giving it away for free. I use these as subscriber bait. They sound impressive because they can be sold. So use them to get people to subscribe to your ezine or your ecourse for the product.
John Karnish - EzineArticles Expert Author

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Get Your Share Of Internet Money

Imagine a business that doesn’t require thousands of dollars in startup costs – no inventory, no rent, no franchise fees. Imagine a store with the potential to start earning money for you from day one, where you can sell anything under the sun without having to worry about stocking a single item. Imagine being able to run a store in your PJs without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Imagining it? Here’s the reality. You can build an ecommerce storefront to cash in on the internet money making craze in just a few hours – but it takes planning, promotion and the sweat of your brow to make it into an ongoing source of internet income.

We’re in the second wave of an internet money explosion. Unlike the first, the one that made a few people who were in the right place at the right time very very wealthy, this one is open to anyone who has the right qualities. Those qualities are the same ones that made names like Sears & Roebuck household words – vision, persistence and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

The increasing ease of internet publishing has made it possible for anyone to have a fully functioning store online and in operation in less than an hour – and for less than $100. Storefront malls like Yahoo Small Business, CafePress and others let you get your own business started with full supports with just a few mouseclicks and a credit card number. But it takes far more than a ‘prime location’ to be successful as an internet merchant.

The dismal truth is that failure rate in ecommerce retail is even higher than in brick and mortar stores, even if the financial loss is generally far less. The very fact that you can start your own business for so little has turned starting your own business into an impulse decision. It’s far too easy to make a decision on the spur of the moment – and walk away when it doesn’t work out. There are things you can do to avoid becoming just one more internet money failure story. Here are five tips to help you make a success of your internet store.

Don’t Make An Impulse Decision

Don’t jump at the first ecommerce opportunity that you see. Before you make a decision, take the time to do some research and ask yourself some questions about what you want out of your business then evaluate the best business opportunities for you.

Know What You Want

Evaluate the amount of time you have to put into a startup business. How involved to you want to be? There are many different ways to cash in on internet money. It’s possible to buy into a complete setup with store, merchant account and fully stocked shelves where all you’ll have to do is promote your site. On the other hand, if you’d like to have more control, you can build a store from scratch right down to stocking the shelves.

Comparison Shop For the Best Business

You wouldn't buy a car without comparison shopping. Why buy a business that way? There are literally dozens of ways to cash in on the internet money boom. Do you want the jump-start that goes with name recognition and support from a parent company? Then a franchise business might be right for you. Do you want total control over what you sell and for how much? Then you'll want a business that lets you stock your own shelves. Are you creative and want to capitalize on your artistic abilities? Look into a storefront to market your own work. The possibilities are endless. Your hardest job is finding one that suits your style best.

Pick Something You Love.

The way to succeed on the internet is no different than the path to success in the brick and mortar world. It takes time and hard work. If you're starting your own business, why would you choose to do something that you don't love to do? Even if you decide to buy into a total package ecommerce turnkey store, pick a product that you love and can believe in. The better you know what you're selling, the more successful you'll be in promoting it. And when it comes to making internet money, promotion is the name of the game.

Educate Yourself.

No matter what you choose to sell, your main job is going to be promoting your website. The more you know about website promotion, the more successful you'll be. Spend at least a few hours a week keeping up on the latest techniques of promoting your web site and watch your sales grow as you put them into practice.

The potential for making money on the internet is real. It just takes some forethought, planning and a lot of hard work. Know what you want to do. Love what you do. Believe in your abilities - and you'll find the internet money rolling into your account.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Google AdSense, What Is It?

AdSense may be one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize traffic to your web site whether you have products or services for sale or you simply provide free content to your visitors.

Simply stated, Google AdSense enables website operators to place some code on their site that connects to Google’s ad server content database and pulls keyword-relevant advertising onto the web pages. The webmaster gets paid a percentage of the fee that Google receives from the advertiser every time a visitor clicks on an ad. There is no charge for the webmaster to participate in AdSense. All costs are covered by the advertiser who participates in the AdSense sister program called AdWords.

Google’s sends out digital “robots” which use proprietary algorithms to parse the host web page and analyze the content in an effort to determine what keywords are relevant. It reports its findings back to Google’s ad server which then serves ads matching those keywords. Given that the entire process is automated, the “ad robots” do a pretty good job of getting the advertising content right most of the time.

The History of Google AdSense

Google AdSense has its roots in the old “Google Content-Targeted Advertising” program which they introduced back in March of 2003. Although this program was similar in concept to AdSense, there was no automated way of participating. Each webmaster negotiated a deal directly with Google, and websites that served less than 20 million page views per month were not welcome to participate.

As Google grew, they began to see how much money they were leaving on the table by excluding the smaller sites, which greatly outnumbered the sites serving over 20 million hits that were willing to serve other people’s ads. Their answer to that problem was AdSense which has no minimum traffic requirements and is open to all sites meeting Google’s content and decency requirements.

How much can you make running Google AdSense?

The answer to that question depends upon three factors:

1. How much traffic your site draws
2.How many visitors click on your ads
3.How much those ads pay per generated click

With some ads paying as much as $5 or more, it’s possible that you can generate a serious income with AdSense. There are relatively well documented cases of some people earning as much as $500 per DAY and more. Numbers like that are rare exceptions however. Even so, there is no reason why you can’t earn somewhere around $1,000 per month, or more, once you get the hang of it.

How to get started using Google AdSense

Make a visit to Google’s AdSense Site ( and sign up. Make sure that you read their Acceptable Use Policy and that you follow their content requirements. Google has their own “AdSense Police” who will have no problem booting you out of the program if you fail to walk the line.

Using Google AdSense on your site is like collecting free money. There’s no reason not to do it and potentially thousands of dollars worth of reasons to do it.

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