Monday, April 17, 2006

Web Site Marketing Success Online

A successful web site commands 5 key items that it must have in order to be generating high volumes of traffic and potential revenue.

1. Having a specific offer-Your website must have a defined specific offer. The best web sites do this very well. For example, Google is a search engine and has specific key links on its front page. These are the categories it is focusing, or pulling it's clients on. A good site will use a very well planned layout that is not too busy and will have some but not lots of graphics. The graphics will lend to the image of the site.

2. Having a select target group of people- Your website must be of interest to a targeted group of people, they must have similar needs or interests, and that is why they are visiting your site. You may have multiple offers on your site, but your site must address 1-3 key common needs that people with similar interests have. A good example of this is the site. They have a key concept and different groups evolved around different themes that share common interests.

3. Providing rich and professional content- This is a very important concept that several web companies have learned over the past few years. Yes, you have content but is it relevant. Is it relevant to what your clients are looking for at this moment in time. But how do you know this? It takes several beta-testings, research, advertising testing and you can spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars doing research to figure this out. There are several companies that can help you with this and there are tricks of the trade. Some people provide internet guru services specifically in this area. There are numerous people doing this, but you will have to research and ask around to find out what programs are the best out there. This also changes as the accepted standards change quickly with constant innovation.

4. Delivering value and results for visitors- Why would someone want to go to yet another travel site? You have to have a strong offer that no one else has, or it has to be a great insight or value that someone has not come across before. There are numerous travel sites, but which ones are the most successful and why. The ones that are most successful are very specific in what they do and they are automated. Automated you say?..How so? Well they have back end systems that offer quick responses and are connected to live persons and 1- 800#'s if need be. These sites are usually more successful than others.

5. Connecting with potential clients and offering future value with your site- What you can do to connect with future potential clients is a caveat that few sites have. You have to offer a gem that no one else has and make it appeal to a select group of people. Easier said than done! This gem also has to be of value in that it is something that generates immediate interest with the potential prospect. Otherwise they will just click along somewhere else.

These 5 things are very important to the success of your site.

There are numerous ways you can market your site and promote it through paid advertising, links etc. However, these 5 things will get people to want to come back to your site. Cheers!

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