Friday, March 31, 2006

The Rich Jerk Website and Why it Works to Make Money

Have you heard of The Rich Jerk? If not, it's probably just a matter of time as his e-book appears to be one of the top sellers on the internet based on some stats.

However, this is not an article about the contents of his e-book and whether or not it's worth the current $49.00 price tag. This is about the simple, on-the-surface basics of the website itself and how you can easily learn a few tips from successful online marketers just by taking a look at their home pages.

So, let's take a quick look at Rich Jerk's site and identify a few things that you might want to consider when you decide to produce a website.

1. Easy to read...Notice that the colors used on the site are easy on the eyes and the layout is not too complicated. I would probably skip the scrolling ad copy at the top of the page but that is just a personal opinion.

2. Limited use of pictures...Although he has various pictures on the site, they are not too large and situated in a way as to not take away from his ad copy. Ultimately, it's the ad copy that will make the visitor click on "buy now" and not the photos.

3. Establishes Trust...Rich Jerk doesn't use his full or personal name anywhere on the site because he says that he doesn't want anyone bothering him or begging for money. However, he does use a little logo from Trust-e (privacy policy) and also various testimonials that help to establish trust and credibility. He even makes a comment that his testimonials are real and not faked like he sees on other websites.

4. Uses long ad copy...There has been a long running debate online as to whether short ad copy or long ad copy works the best. I'm not sure if anyone has done any official studies but my vote would be "long." There is a reason why most of the top internet marketers use long copy on their sales pages and it's probably the same reason that Rich Jerk uses it as well.

5. Key words...if you view the source code on Rich Jerk, you will see that he does in fact use key words that apply directly to his target market. There are many online marketers that still don't include basic key words.

6. Bold and highlighting...Some websites can go overboard in using the bold command or when highlighting specific text. But, it can be an effective way to bring out key points provided you don't use it too often.

7. Clear order instructions...One of the things that Rick Jerk does very well is outlines the benefits of his package in bullet form right before he asks you for the sale. He also makes the order process easy to understand, outlines his guarantee, and gives you instant access to the e-book once you decide to purchase it.

Those are some very simple observations when it comes to The Rick Jerk's website. But, they could be invaluable to you down the road. The next time you are visiting what appears to be a successful website, don't be afraid to take a few notes and learn from those that are making it happen.

Distributed by E. Kinton, Jr. Article can be redistributed provided link is shown.


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