Friday, March 31, 2006

Tips To Help You Start Making Money Online

Well, you've got a new online business, Have you? That's great, but let me ask a question. You are certain you are going to make a lot of money, because somebody told you so, right? The problem is, that you probably haven't really checked out the internet information resources available to help you get started. Whatever caught your eye about the possibilities of making money on the internet told you what COULD happen, but it probably didn't go very deep into HOW to make it happen.

That's what this article is about. We are going to provide some basic tips to help you start making money online.

If you bought a brick-and-mortar business, you would realize the necessity for patience and work. You would realize that you wouldn't be rolling in the dough overnight. You would be prepared to do research and you would be prepared for a learning period during which you might not seem to be having much success. The same is true of a business you start in order to make money online.

No matter how simple your online business seems, you really should write out a business plan. This doesn't have to be incredibly deep or complicated, but it should always be a dynamic plan. You should be ready to revise your plan as your business grows or your knowledge increases or as your market changes, and so on. You will probably start with some ignorance, so as your knowledge grows, change your plan as needed.

Obviously, for an online business, you will need web hosting and a web site. There are many pre-packaged services for attractive and professional appearing web sites, and web site templates, but, as your business grows and changes, these pre-fab products might prove difficult to alter. If you cannot learn, or do not want to learn, web page design and html and/or java coding, you might want to find a web designer who will create the web pages for you. These freelance designers abound on the internet, and often advertise on other media in your home town. If you can learn code, purchase your own domain, and get the site up and running yourself, you will have saved money and you will have learned valuable skills to help you make money online.

Many an online business fails because the owner does not realize that just because a business is online and is supposed to work 24/7/365 it still requires all the attention and discipline and has all the responsibilities of any other business. In addition to the online aspects of the business, there may be time required for offline matters as well, such as writing copy for advertising or preparing tax documents.

Advertising, marketing, and search engine optimization are some important areas that you will have to address once your web site is up and running. In fact, you should be learning about these as you prepare to start your business online. You will not only have to promote your site, but you will have to keep promoting it. This will be one of your biggest responsibilities if you want to make money online. Without this constant promotion, your business will sink out of site beneath the weight of the thousands of new businesses constantly coming online. Therefore, as you make your business plans and increase your knowledge, you need to concentrate heavily on the area of search engine optimization (SEO). If you find this task to be daunting or beyond the reach of your time or experience, it may be worth the money to hire an SEO professional.

There are many other ways you can market your business and make money online.

You can:

  • Find web sites in the same field as yours to link to your site
  • Write and publish articles that relate to your business
  • Create a blog on the area of your business with links to your web site
  • Encourage friends, neighbors, and satisfied customers to deliver your message
  • Use pay-per-click search engine listings and services such as Google adwords
  • Print information and your web site on business cards or flyers
  • Place advertisements in print media
  • Put magnetic signs on your car. One company, I.D. IT! Plates, provides a unique and highly effective alternative to magnetic signs.
  • Use vinyl lettering to place your message on your car.
  • Print return address labels with reference to your product and your web site.

    The scope of this article has been limited to an overview of a few of the basic steps necessary to make money online. While neglecting or ignoring these simple steps can contribute to a lack of success of an online business, these steps are nowhere near a complete listing of all the things you need to learn or do to make your online business a complete success.

    With an online business, anyone can become a business owner for a minimum investment, and, based on my own experience and the experiences of others, the potential for regular online income is almost measureless. There are people working a little to make a little money to help with bills, and there are people who make their entire living on the internet. Some make a few hundred dollars a month, while some make amounts that allow them to buy yachts and huge homes. The difference often rests in how hard someone is willing to work or how much they strive to learn about internet business and marketing. It has nothing to do with your skin color, sex, religion, or personal beliefs.

    Anyone can make money online with the right attitude and a willingness to learn and grow.

    The author is retired from the Army after 21 years of service. He has worked as an accountant, purchasing agent, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, instructor and long-haul, over-the-road truck driver. He has been a member of Mensa for several years, and has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He has been an active internet marketer since 2000, and now makes his living online. He has blogs on the subjects of Internet Business and Marketing, Health and Weight Loss, and Real Estate Investing.


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